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Winning the Battle
and the War

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Our website has been refreshed with a new look and more user-friendly features!

AICB is pleased to introduce our newly designed website.

By adopting a more minimalistic and intuitive design, our aim was to provide visitors with a user-friendly browsing experience with greater accessibility to key information on the Institute, our membership, qualifications and thought leadership initiatives.

We do hope that you enjoy exploring our new website. For further enquiries/feedback,
do contact our Member Services team at [email protected].

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We are pleased to inform that we have moved into our new office at Bangunan AICB. Kindly note that our business operation hours are from Mondays to Fridays, 9 am to 6 pm. For enquiries, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 1300-88-6833 / 03-2602 6833.

Our business address is as follows:

Levels 11 & 12,
Bangunan AICB, 10 Jalan Dato' Onn,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Renew your AICB membership for 2021 today and stand a chance to receive an AICB reversible face mask*

*While stocks last

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Energise your
banking career

with the benefits of AICB membership.

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AICB’s COVID-19 Resource

Keep yourself updated on banking-related announcements and developments pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic through out dedicated section.

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Grow your knowledge of responsible finance via e-Learning and play your part in developing sustainable economies.

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Be a Banking Professional with a Difference

Empowering Bankers, Honouring the Trust.

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Enhance your knowledge
in banking with AICB’s
e-CPD Resources


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Over 30,000members
9professional qualifications
453Chartered Bankers in Malaysia


Click on the programmes below to find out how AICB’s qualifications can build your competence and give you the recognition you need for personal and professional growth.

Chartered Banker (CB)

AICB's flagship programme — an internationally-recognised professional banking qualification awarded together with the Chartered Banker Institute, UK. Read More

Chartered Banker By Experience (CBBE)

AICB is offering this CBBE programme in collaboration with the Chartered Banker Institute (CBI) UK, which is the only institute in the world to confer the Chartered Banker status. Read More

Professional Credit Certification (PCC)

A certification in credit for banking professionals looking to equip themselves with the skills, knowledge and tools to advance in the field of credit management. Read More

Certified Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Financing of Terrorism Compliance Officer (CAMCO)

A comprehensive certification covering a wide range of in-depth modules on AML/CFT for those pursuing a specialist role in AML/CFT functions. Read More

Professional Qualifications in  Anti Money Laundering/counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT)

Professional qualifications for those involved in compliance, risk, internal and external audit, and regulatory functions. Read More

Professional Qualifications in Regulatory Compliance (RC)

A set of qualifications designed by AICB and the International Compliance Association (ICA) to equip banking professionals with skills in regulatory compliance and risk. Read More

Bank Risk Management (BRM)

A qualification designed to equip bankers with the relevant tools and techniques to manage risk in banking. Read More

Certification for Bank Auditors (CBA)

A qualification intended for bankers who aspire to attain further standing and authority in internal audit, with an emphasis on IT audit. Read More

Pasaran Kewangan Malaysia Certificate (PKMC)

Designed to equip dealers and brokers in Malaysia’s licensed financial institutions and money broking firms with the highest levels of competence, professionalism and integrity. Read More

Investor Protection Professional Certification (IPPC)

A specialist qualification for individuals selling and marketing structured products and unlisted debt securities, following regulatory requirements defined by Bank Negara Malaysia and Securities Commission Malaysia’s Guidelines on Investor Protection. Read More

Prior Experience Conversion Programme (PEC)

The PEC programme offers a “speed to specialisation” option that gives eligible bankers exemption from the usual qualification pathways in areas of specialisation. Read More

Home student testimonial 1
Home student testimonial 1

“My journey to becoming a Chartered Banker is a valuable learning experience and a commitment to enhancing my professional competence in banking”

Learning new skills as a banking professional requires determination and adaptability. I am always looking to enhance my knowledge, so taking the Chartered Banker programme was only natural. This journey gives me the knowledge base, professional competence and confidence I need to face the new era of banking.

Discover how you too can build banking career – be an AICB member.

Hor Ri Na
Assistant Vice President, Cash Market Management, Citibank

“As an AICB member, I have the added advantage of continuous learning and upskilling. That gives me a real, added advantage in my career.”

The Chartered Banker programme helps me achieve and maintain the highest standards of competence and professionalism. My journey includes multiple compulsory and elective modules in three levels of study – Executive Banker, Professional Banker and, finally, Chartered Banker. This pathway provides extensive and critical knowledge of the banking sector and concepts of ethical professionalism.

You, too, can achieve your career goals. Find out more about AICB membership.

Riza Khan
Manager, Knowledge & Skills Monitoring, HSBC Amanah Malaysia Berhad

32,189Individual Members
79Corporate Members


AICB membership provides many benefits, including professional recognition, learning support and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Home membership 1

Individual Members

AICB offers a suite of professional qualifications and membership designations to relevant individuals to further equip them with skills to face the challenges of the evolving banking landscape.

For more details on Individual membership, please click here.

Corporate Members

AICB’s corporate membership is open to licensed banks, licensed investment banks, other licensed financial institutions, regulators of the banking and financial services industry, and other institutions approved by the Council.

For more details on Corporate membership, please click here.


Home leadership 1

The AICB Council is the governing body of AICB and together with several key committees and the management team, it objectively ensures that the management and governance of the Institute’s various functions are held to high standards.

Meet the team here.


2021 Virtual ASEAN Regional Briefing — Cyber Risk

2021 Virtual ASEAN Regional Briefing — Cyber Risk

21 Apr 2021 @ 10:00 am

*Kindly note that this webinar is open to individuals who are attached to banking and financial institutions only. In this modern age of advanced technology, the economy relies heavily on the smooth operation of complex and sophisticated supply chains especially in financial sectors. However, these modern supply chains are extremely vulnerable and susceptible to cyberattacks resulting in data theft and security breaches. In this virtual event, we will explore various ways to manage these cyber risks and the key things to take note of.   Read More

Ethics & Integrity: The Importance of Creating a "Speak Up" Culture

Ethics & Integrity: The Importance of Creating a "Speak Up" Culture

27 Apr 2021 @ 4:00 pm

Speaking up is an important part of integrity, which takes courage. However, speaking up should be more than an individual action — a speak up culture needs to be developed and embedded to ensure an organisation maintains integrity and has long-term sustainability. Join us and hear from the panel of experienced speakers who will be sharing real-life case studies on whistleblowing and ethical dilemmas in the banking and financial sector.   Read More

e-KYC Regulatory Framework

e-KYC Regulatory Framework

30 Apr 2021 @ 10:00 am

With the roll out of eKYC Policy by BNM on 30 June 2020, FIs will have to ensure controls are properly implemented prior to launching their eKYC platforms. In this webinar, understand the current e-KYC regulatory framework for FIs in Malaysia and its key challenges, and explore best practices to mitigate and manage ML/TF risks emerging from e-KYC.  


03 March
24 February
23 February


Home banking insight 1

Stay ahead of the curve, with industry insights and developments.

AICB’s thought leadership publications and Banking Insight magazine provide you with industry-relevant knowledge and keep you up-to-date on key developments in the banking industry.

Winning the Battle and the War

Winning the Battle and the War

We open a much-needed conversation on the long-term effects of war room and crisis management on the psyche and well-being of people who work under high-stress conditions, and discuss the latest research and techniques on resilience building, which can be applied to bankers as well. Read More

The Post-Covid Opportunity for Banks

The Post-Covid Opportunity for Banks

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought fundamental changes in behaviour, both externally in terms of customer activity, and internally in how firms are able to engage and operate. These changes are here to stay across three dimensions of activity, and firms need to thoughtfully adapt in order to thrive. Read More

Catalysing Bankable Nature Solutions

Catalysing Bankable Nature Solutions

Public funds alone are insufficient to manage the cost of preserving and restoring ecosystems today — a task which requires an investment of more than US$300 billion. The perception of the private sector that nature conservation projects are relatively unattractive due to low financial return does little to help the situation. Could Bankable Nature Solutions (BNS) be the answer to this dilemma? Read More